The Mahavidyalaya Crest

          The college has a glorious embless containing the sun ,a lotus a book,a lamp and a temple Each has an excellent meaning and objective to mould an unsurpassed academic atmosphere for the college.

          The sun is undoubtedly the source of hope ,light and prosperity.This make the students hope full for bright academic career light stands for abolishion of darkness of ignorance in a student’s life and brings prosperity to the students lotus fills freshness, freedom and glory in the students lives. It stimulates the creative impulse of the growing buds to bloom by the rising of the sun deserves.

          Book unanimousely as the inner most chamber of an academic institution along with the teachers and the learners . It is the key to development of character person ality and career  of all educationists,trainers and trainees. A ‘Lamp’ is a symbol of light that fades away darkness of ignorance from the students life’s.It lets the days to dawn announcing the birth of hope out of the dark nights of ignorance and despair.

 Ultimately the college is like a temple it is an organic whole the temples named after Lord Jagannath.It has a divine name where in the staff and students are bound in a spiritual link. There is good co-oporation,collaboration and co-ordination among the staff and the students.