National Service Scheme(NSS)

The N.S.S has been introduced in the college since 2001 to promote National  consious needs and to inclucade asense of social responsibility discipline dignity of Labour among the students.The college has one N.S.S Unit (Male) and the capacity of valunters is fifty


N.S.S objectives are—

(i)   Understanding in the community in which they

(ii)  Personality Development of volunters  commity service.

(iiii) Identifying the needs and problems of the community and involves in problems solving process.

(iv) Gaining skill In mobilizing   communits participation.

(v)  Acquiring leadership quality and democratic attitude.

(vi) Developing capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.

(vii) Utilizing their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community.

Practisizing National integration and social Harmony.